Entry #1


2009-07-10 15:36:54 by ALIST

I guess it's time to take the virginity away from my blank post board, possibly one day make it a whore. Anywho, I really appreciate any and everyone who views my work, comments, etc.

To tell anyone who cares a bit about me, I'm Andrew List (Also go by Lee Kazlow & Yellow.. I'll cover that shortly), I love video editing, drawing, web design, graphics, games, pivot animations, flash animations, wrestling, flipping, anime, and alot of other pointless crap that makes me a fuckin' dork... Anyway, I get the name "Lee Kazlow" from my Pro Wrestling that I do, which is a huge passion of mine check it out @ www.LeeKazlow.com (Included a picture attached to this, cause I'm a homo) - My name "Yellow" is a name I use on some forums to post on, and thats really it... If you have any questions, message or comment me.

Please comment anything on here you feel the need to, Like anything I do.. I strive to get better so tips, feedback, is all encouraged.





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